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Investors Community

Whether you're new to property investing or a seasoned-pro everyone has the opportunity to join our Estateducation Community of 100+ Property Investors, which is a members only group. What we truly LOVE about this community is the life changing financial gain one can generate from being a part of it… Rather than spend hours upon hours trying to find joint venture equity partners just look right here! Here’s what our members benefit from:

  1. One to one mentoring on your chosen strategy, including an A to Z road map of what to do and when, to help you achieve more in just one year than most property investors achieve in a decade
  2. Regular meets with fellow property investors of all levels there to help you learn build your portfolio and reach your financially-free goals
  1. Access to Estateducation's Panel of Finance Brokers, Solicitors, Architects, Interior Designers, Property Tax Accountants, and Tenant Advice Consultants 
  2. The GAME CHANGER… Estateducation will fund EVERY property investment you find as your joint venture equity partner!

Yes that’s right, Estateducation’s joint venture funding facility will fund each and every property investment you find – as long as the numbers stack up!

This funding facility saves you the time, money and hassle in having to find your own Joint Venture Equity Partners. It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3… Once you find a property investment in the United Kingdom that you feel provides a secure financial return, all you do is submit the details to Estateducation via its online portal and our Analysts will conduct the due diligence process before making a decision whether the opportunity is financially viable to be funded. Better still, if you're not sure what properties to find that make the most profitable returns or how to package the deal or manage the refurbishment, we will teach you how to do it as part of your membership to the Estateducation Community. 

We believe this incredible funding facility alone is what separates our "Community" from the crowd. We think outside of the box, inside the box and all round the box. The benefits of the Estateducation Investors Community doesn't stop there…

You will also be mingling with a group of like-minded property investors all hungry for learning from each other’s skills, experiences and success stories in order to help one another build property portfolios and relationships that last a lifetime.

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